Today I Learned

Today I Learned

This is a place where I store short descriptions of things I learn each day.
—Leon Bambrick.

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Should be factoids that you expect to need to refer to again. Hence, any factoid that is "Well that's interesting!" but would never be referenced again is NOT wanted here. So they mostly end up being technical things (though the concepts category is a major exception).

The folder structure means things are categorised by ONE main topic, not tagged with endless topics/subtopics.

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Topic # Articles
.git 0 articles
.net 6 articles
.net core MVC 14 articles
appharbor 1 article mvc 10 articles
banking 1 article
bower 2 articles
chocolatey 5 articles
concepts 17 articles
console 5 articles
cpu analyzer 1 article
crypto 1 article
csharp 4 articles
css 2 articles
design 1 article
electron 2 articles
excel 4 articles
git 13 articles
gitbook 7 articles
gmail 1 article
go 1 article
google 10 articles
graphics 8 articles
gulp 1 article
habits 1 article
html 1 article
iis 3 articles
itunes 1 article
javascript 7 articles
jekyll 1 article
jquery 3 articles
library 1 article
linqpad 9 articles
linux 31 articles
macbook air 4 articles
mailgun 1 article
markdown 3 articles
marketing 6 articles
math 2 articles
memorize 3 articles
mercurial 20 articles
minecraft 3 articles
music 13 articles
nimbletext 1 article
node 2 articles
notepad++ 10 articles
npm 7 articles
nuget 2 articles
office 1 article
oracle 5 articles
paypal 1 article
pdf 3 articles
powershell 71 articles
productivity 1 article
python 8 articles
react 2 articles
redis 2 articles
saltwater swimming pool 2 articles
security virus spam etc 2 articles
sharepoint 1 article
sleep 4 articles
smallbasic 1 article
speech 1 article
sqlite 1 article
sql server 48 articles
sql server reporting services 3 articles
sql spatial 3 articles
stackexchange 3 articles
tools 3 articles
tutorials 1 article
typescript 1 article
virtual box 2 articles
visual studio 8 articles
vs code 5 articles
windows 14 articles
windows.forms 4 articles
wordpress 1 article
zoho 2 articles

456 articles 202050 words

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