Need a shortcut that inserts the current date/time?

(If you keep a journal -- recommended! -- or a todo file -- also recommended! -- then you'll need this.)

The command is found here:

TextFX | TextFX Insert | Date & Time Long Format

(You may need to install the TextFX plugin) (or update it!)

Next you need to map a key-combination to it.

I'm going to use Ctrl -D

Currently Ctrl-D copies the current line.

I've often hit that combo and i've never needed it.

So Ctrl D for Date.


Remove this one....


Settings | Shortcut Mapper | Scintilla Commands

ShortCut: CTRL+D

Removed that one? Great.

Now ADD the one you want. Under:

Settings | Shortcut Mapper | Plugin Commands:    

Name:       I:Date & Time - long format 
ShortCut:   Ctrl+D

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