Plugins for Notepad++

(Not extensions, not addins, not add-ons, not apps, not packages... Plugins!)

Plugin Config path is: $env:APPDATA\Notepad++\plugins\Config

In main menu, go to "Plugins" -> "Plugin manager"

There's also "Settings" -> "Import" -> "Import Plugins"

You can use that facility with a NotePad++ plugin DLL that you've downloaded separately.

Updating plugins...

These plugins need to be updated, apparently.

  • DSpellCheck
  • NppFTP

And when I try to update them I get this message...

Plugin Manager
An update is available to Plugin Manager.  It is *strongly* advised that the Plugin Manager is updated before any other plugin is installed or updated.  Would you like to update the Plugin Manager now?
Yes   No   Cancel   

I choose "Yes", I get a UAC dialog, NotePad++ restarts and then the updates have still not been installed.

I try running Notepad++ as admin... but the exact same result occurs.

So instead, when confronted with that dialog, I chose "No" -- and then the plugins that need updating are indeed updating succesfully.

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