To have your gitbook updated whenever you push to a github repo

in gitbook, tell it which repository to use:

e.g. in{yourUsername}/{yourBookName}/settings/github

Tell it your github repository:


And to get the webhooks set up....

  • Under "Integration" heading
    • Next to the "Webhook URL" is a "copy to clipboard" button. Click it, to copy your webhook url.

Then click "Check Webhooks" -- this takes you to Github. Specifically it takes you to "Webhooks and Services" for your repo, i.e.{yourUserName}/{YourRepo}/settings/hooks    
  • Under "Webhooks" click "Add webhook"
    • In "Payload URL" paste the "Webhook URL" from above.
    • Content type -- leave as default (application/json)
    • Secret -- leave .
    • Which events -- leave as default (just the push event)

And click "Add Webhook"

Once that is working... when you push your repo... your book will update.

It might take a minute. If you go to your book while it is building, they show you a "building" message.

Your book is currently being updated, this can take up to a few minutes.

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