Use gitbook locally

You can also generate a gitbook and preview it locally.

First install gitbook (via npm).

npm install -g gitbook

Wait... you now need the cli package:

npm install -g gitbook-cli


You need to install "gitbook-cli" to have access to the gitbook command anywhere on your system.
If you've installed this package globally, you need to uninstall it.
>> Run "npm uninstall -g gitbook" then "npm install -g gitbook-cli"

Once gitbook-cli is installed, thereafter, from the root of the repo you're working on, you run...

gitbook build .

And it will generate a subfolder called "_book" which contains "index.html" and all the other html of the finished book.

(You may want to add _book to your .gitignore)

You can view that _book\index.html file directly in a browser, or serve the content locally from a mini webserver by running:

gitbook serve .

And then browse to (probably)


(you can serve on a different "--port" e.g. gitbook serve . --port 4003)

You can output as html, pdf, epub or mobi.

gitbook help

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