Getting started with gitbook

Create a new repo at github. It will need at least 2 files: and (The rest of the content of your book will be markdown files, and images, in that same repo) is treated as the cover-page/introduction to the book is used to build the table of contents. It starts with the line "# Summary" and has a link to everything you want to include.

So it looks like this (for example)

# Summary

* mvc
    * [clear caches](/asp.net_mvc/
    * [elmah](/asp.net_mvc/
    * [from memory](/asp.net_mvc/
    * [helpful error page](/asp.net_mvc/
    * [return 404](/asp.net_mvc/
    * [serve some static files from mvc but not all](/asp.net_mvc/
* git 
     * [how to git](/git/

I generate that file using pre though it's easy enough to generate with a bit of powershell.

In gitbook you sign up, and create a "New Book".

Tell it the location of your github repo and also set up a webhook so that when the repo is updated gitbook is notified. I documented that bit already: To have your gitbook updated whenever you push to a github repo

Thereafter, any time you push to your github repo it will be immediately updated on gitbook!

You can also generate a gitbook and preview it locally -- see use gitbook locally

(Not recommended: writing/editing the content directly at that won't work out over time. Better to use a full repo from the start)

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