Install yarn on windows 2020

Tired of errors from npm, i now want errors from yarn too.

Pre-Requisite: node

(Check your version: node -v)

I have version 14.4.0

Install if needed, or upgrade.

(e.g. Install node on windows subsystem for linux / ubuntu);

(Get-Command node tells me node is here: C:\Program Files\nodejs\node.exe)

(Some say to upgrade node with nvm but that is for linux/apple only. nvmw is a different and now outof date attempt for windows. this one is newer: maybe it will work.)

(i found i had it in chocolatey. upgrade node with with cup nodejs

Install yarn with chocolatey....

From admin window:

choco install yarn

Ah... I think that worked.

yarn --version

Common yarn commands

Start a package

yarn init

Install what needs installing

yarn install

Add a package (pick a technique..) yarn add [package] yarn add [package]@[version] yarn add [package]@[tag]

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