How to convert an svg to a Windows .ico icon file, with inkscape and magick (via Powershell)

This is not for favicons -- that's a different recipe -- see How to use an svg as a website or web page's favicon, including supporting legacy platforms and rich application platforms.

You need to know the sizes you are targeting.

How it is as a powershell array:

$sizes = (16, 32, 48, 64, 256)

(Some commenters argue for a 512 size as well. Why not 24 and a 128? Ha... very long and funny story involving Ray Chen and Steve Balmer... but no time to get into that now; wild times!)

Use inkscape to generate pngs at each size:

Assign your file name without a file extension to a parameter:

$file = "your_file_name_without_a_file_extension";

Then throw the sizes at it... and generate what you need...

$sizes | % {
	write-host "creating '$file-$_.png'..." -f yellow
	inkscape -z -w $_ -h $_ "$file.svg" -e "$file-$_.png"

	#magick convert "$file.png" -resize "$_x$_" "$file-$_.png"

Once you have you .png files at the correct sizes, inspect them and zoom in to see if they are as crisp as you would like them.

Did something go wrong? Look into it! Let me know if you find something specific.

I deliberately made my svgs such that they'd be quite crisp at any size that is a multiple of 16px.

If you're happy with those png's you can convert them to a .ico in various ways.


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