Module and Package Commands

(A module is one type of "package" — a package which exports a bunch of cmdlets.)

  1. Get-PackageProvider
    Lists all package providers. Currently: Chocolatey, msi, msu, NuGet, PowerShellGet, Programs
  2. Install-PackageProvider -Name Chocolatey
    Installs the named package provider.
  3. Find-Package
    Use PackageManagement to search all package providers for a package.
  4. Find-Module
    Use the PowershellGet package provider to search for a module (includes looking at the PsGallery.
  5. Find-Script
    Use the PowershellGet package provider to search for a script (includes looking at the PsGallery.
  6. Install-Module
    Installs a module but does not load it. Requires elevation.
  7. Import-Module
    Loads a module that is already installed or available on your machine.
  8. get-module -listAvailable
    lists installed (i.e. available) modules. They may not have been imported (i.e. loaded)
  9. get-module
    lists installed (i.e. available) and imported (i.e. loaded) modules.

TODO: How to add a path such that it shows up in $env:PSModulePath

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