Expand/Collapse keystrokes in Notepad++

In a document type such as HTML or XML, you can expand or collapse an element or block via:

  • Ctrl Alt F to collapse current level
  • Ctrl Alt Shift F to expand (uncollapse current level)

(also called Fold/Unfold, or "accordian" (verb), or zoom/unzoom)

I find this a real finger-twister.

I intend to alter the keystrokes, using

Settings | Shortcut mapper

... and instead match the convention in vs code, i.e.

  • Ctrl Shift [ to collapse current level
  • Ctrl Shift ] to expand (uncollapse current level)

Other "outline" ("outlining") related keystrokes

* indent: `Tab`
* decreased indent: `Shift Tab`
* move current line up: `Ctrl shift up-arrow`
* move current line down: `Ctrl shift down-arrow`


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