How to navigate back in Notepad++

In visual studio I use Ctrl Minus to move back to my previous location. And in Powershell I use popd.

I wish there was an equivalent in Notepad++.

...and stackoverflow says:

Location Navigate (LocationNav) has hotkeys for moving backwards/forwards across both cursor positions and across source edits. —Arithmomaniac

Installing that plugin.

Don't do this: Download the zip from and unzip it to reveal a dll.

Go to "Plugins" -> "Plugin Manager" -> "Show Plugin Manager" -> Available -> Location Navigate -> Install

It tells me I need to install updates to the plugin manager, but doing that only seemed to stop the plugin I want from updating.

Once installed I had to turn off the "Mark changed line" option (Under "Plugins" -> "Location Navigate"

And make sure "Auto Record" is on.

And then voilá!

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