Quick start javascript snippet

When I want to test something in vanilla js quickly, i use the js snippet I keep in kv

In other words, I type kv js and then a suitable starting script is on my clipboard, I put that into a new file, and I'm away.

(Similarly I could do kv js > test.html and put it directly into a file)

Here's how to add such a script to your own kv. (it should be in your utils repo, and in your path, right?)

$value = @"
<!DOCTYPE html>
html,body, textarea{ width:100%; height: 100%}
<script type='text/javascript'>

function go() {
  var v = `$('#x')[0].value;
  `$('#x')[0].value = 'ABC';

function `$(selectors) {
  return document.querySelectorAll(selectors)

function jalert(o) {
  // never do this ;)
  alert(JSON.stringify(o, null, '\t'));
<input type='button' value=GO onclick='go();' />
<textarea id='x'>

kv js $value

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