Have a utils repo

I have a utils repo and you should too.

It is a private repository that I clone onto any machine I use.

It is on the PATH of the machine, so its contents are always available.

Why must it be a private repo? Because I don't have permission to redistribute all of the files.

(Private repos are free at github and bitbucket)

In the utils repo I keep:

  1. All the "little tools" I expect to be available and in the PATH on each machine
  2. My powershell profile and powershell scripts
  3. Handy LinqPad scripts
  4. My 'Today I learned' notes -- it's where they are originally written, in a folder called TIL. (I also have a git repo which grabs that TIL folder, and publishes it as a gitbook at http://TIL.secretGeek.net)