Remove unreachable recycle bin crap

On a networked (work) computer that has been used by a lot of other users, I was running low on hard drive space.

Running spacesniffer (as admin) I saw that there were 26+ GB of files under C:\$Recycle.Bin -- even though I had already emptied the hard drive.

I reasoned that these were things the other users had put in the recycle bin. Or the recycle bin was in some way corrupted.

I don't care why -- I just need lots of space in a hurry to complete a task with a tight deadline.

The solution

from an elevated command prompt and then

rd /s/q c:\$Recycle.Bin


C:\>rd /s/q c:\$Recycle.Bin
The directory is not empty.

C:\>rd /s/q c:\$Recycle.Bin

(I had to run it twice.)


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