Environment variables -- view/edit them on windows

  • From cmd.exe, type SET and you'll see the value of all environment variables
  • From Powershell, Set-Location Env:
  • From Windows, method 1
    • Press [Windows][Break] -- this brings up Control Panel\All Control Panel Items\System
    • Click "Advanced System settings" (you'll need to enter Admin password or elevate) and you'll get to "System Properties"
      • Advanced tab: click "Environment Variables..."
        • There you have "user variables for current user" and "System variables"
        • Note that those in the "user variables" section also exist in the System variables -- so think carefully about which one you mean.
  • From Windows, method 2 ex
    • [Windows][R] to bring up the run dialog and type sysdm.cpl
  • From Windows, method 3

    • [Windows][R] to bring up the run dialog and type rundll32 sysdm.cpl,EditEnvironmentVariables

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