VSCode Powershell Profile

VSCode's powershell terminal is exactly the same one you use in regular powershell. It runs the $PROFILE the exact same way.

The easiest way for the profile to tell that it is being run by vscode is that vscode sets an environment variable called TERM_PROGRAM.

So I have a condition in my profile at which point I do some simple things and then exit the profile, instead of loading all my usual convenience functions.

if ($null -ne $env:TERM_PROGRAM -and $env:TERM_PROGRAM -eq "VSCODE") {
	Write-host "VSCODE!" -f green;
	. (Join-Path $env:util "Powershell\vsprompt.ps1")

...I detect it is vscode, output "VSCODE!" in green, load a custom prompt function and then return to exit the profile (instead of running the remaining 600 lines of gnarly profile code and ascii art I've built up over months of covid isolation.)