Hiding noise

In Visual Studio Code, to give you more of a clean feeling, you can hide things — but you need to know how to bring them back.

The thing on the left is the activity bar.

Right click it and click "Hide Activity Bar"

The thing next to it is the "Explorer". Drag it closed.

If the console is visible at the foot of the screen, hit the "V" to collapse it.

To get rid of the status bar at the very foot of the screen, go to the view menu and choose "hide status bar"

In the view menu:

Toggle Zen Mode.

Also available via [Ctrl]+[K] [Z]

(Or — use [Ctrl]+[Shift]+[P] to bring up the command palette, then type "Zen")

And to use a white theme:

FilePreferencesColor ThemeLight+ (default light)


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