Getting Started with Manatee Trello from C# and Linqpad

In linqpad, use nuget to search for packages related to trello. We'll be using the most popular one in 2020 and probably 2021 and 2022 as well.

Add "manatee.trello" to your linqpad script.

(It will have to perform a few steps and then you will have to accept all the licenses (just 1 click))

(In Visual Studio you'd use Install-Package Manatee.Trello or the package manager gui etc.)

There are many namespaces you can add.

var board = new Board("<board ID>");

It is immediately available, but empty.

To make the data available in the board, it is fully populated by awaiting:

await board.Refresh();

Or you can refresh just the lists, and not wait for the entire board to be refreshed.

await board.Lists.Refresh();

This is pretty cool: you don't have to refresh all of the data. They have a little "convention" where objects have a property called "fields" and you specify in there which fields you do (or don't) want to download.

Before you go too far, you know will need an API key.