Alternating row background colors inside groups in SSRS

Click on Report Properties, Code tab...

Custom code:

Private bOddRow As Boolean
' -- Display green-bar type color banding in detail rows
' -- Call from BackGroundColor property of all detail row textboxes
' -- Set Toggle True for first item, False for others.
Function AlternateColor(ByVal OddColor As String, _
         ByVal EvenColor As String, ByVal Toggle As Boolean) As String
    If Toggle Then bOddRow = Not bOddRow
    If bOddRow Then
        Return OddColor
        Return EvenColor
    End If
End Function

First cell in the row, give it this for background color expression:

=Code.AlternateColor("Silver","LightGrey", True)

Every other cell in the row:

=Code.AlternateColor("Silver","LightGrey", False)

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