Trailing Cr Lf

Trailing Carriage return (\r) and Linefeed (\n) in a varchar are really hard to detect in SSMS.

Imagine there's three columns, A, B and C that have the same content except B has two trailing spaces and C has a trailing '\r\n'.

Select A,B,C from Table

In SSMS the grid will silently turn the '\r\n' into two spaces.

So it will look like B and C both have two trailing spaces.

If you compare A=B it will return true (because 'A' == 'A ' according to SQL)

If you compare B=C (or A=C) it will return 'false' -- even though A and B will both look (in the grid) like they have trailing spaces.

If you switch the output to text mode, the carriage return line feed will be retained.

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