Log message immediately during a long running procedure

Sometimes you have a long running process, and you want it to emit messages, but you don't want to wait until the end to see those messages.

Then raise them as errors, as follows:

SET @Message = 'Begin Switcharoo at ' + CAST(GETDATE() AS VARCHAR(50))


You can even use this form of messaging inside TRY/CATCH statements because:

TRY/CATCH in SQL will only catch errors with severity > 10, so using RAISERROR in this way won't jump into your CATCH statement.

You cannot use it inside functions, as functions prohibit side effects. (You can't use print either)

To preface the message with a date/time down to the millisecond, try this:

    Declare @Message Varchar(255) = (CONVERT(VARCHAR(50), GetDate(), 121) + ': BEGIN switcharoo' )
    RAISERROR (@Message, 0, 1) WITH NOWAIT

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