Summary of "Why We Sleep" by Matthew Walker TABLE OF CONTENTS:

Part 1 This Thing Called Sleep

Chapter 1 To Sleep

Chapter 2 Caffeine, Jet Lag, and Melatonin: Losing and Gaining Control of Your Sleep Rhythm

Chapter 3 Defining and Generating Sleep: Time Dilation and What We Learned from a Baby in 1952

Chapter 4 Ape Beds, Dinosaurs, and Napping with Half a Brain: Who Sleeps, How Do We Sleep, and How Much?

Chapter 5 Changes in Sleep Across the Life Span

Part 2 Why Should You Sleep?

Chapter 6 Your Mother and Shakespeare Knew: The Benefits of Sleep for the Brain

Chapter 7 Too Extreme for the Guinness Book of World Records: Sleep Deprivation and the Brain

This chapter concerns neurological benefits of sleeping (and issues arising from sleep deprivation)

Chapter 8 Cancer, Heart Attacks, and a Shorter Life: Sleep Deprivation and the Body

Part 3 How and Why We Dream

Chapter 9 Routinely Psychotic: REM-Sleep Dreaming

Chapter 10 Dreaming as Overnight Therapy

Chapter 11 Dream Creativity and Dream Control

Part 4 From Sleeping Pills to Society Transformed

Chapter 12 Things That Go Bump in the Night: Sleep Disorders and Death Caused by No Sleep

Chapter 13 iPads, Factory Whistles, and Nightcaps: What's Stopping You from Sleeping?

Chapter 14 Hurting and Helping Your Sleep: Pills vs. Therapy

Chapter 15 Sleep and Society: What Medicine and Education Are Doing Wrong; What Google and NASA Are Doing Right

Chapter 16 A New Vision for Sleep in the Twenty-First Century

Conclusion: To Sleep or Not to Sleep

Appendix: Twelve Tips for Healthy Sleep

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