To Convert to or from an internal name in sharepoint

Sharepoint internal names can only include letters/numbers and underscores.

Any other character needs to be encoded using this scheem:

Convert the character's ascii representation to a four digit hex number, prefixed with 'x' and surrounded by underscores.

Character Encoded As
(space) _x0020_
! _x0021_
" _x0022_
# _x0023_
$ _x0024_
% _x0025_
& _x0026_
' _x0027_
( _x0028_
) _x0029_
* _x002a_
+ _x002b_
, _x002c_
- _x002d_
. _x002e_
/ _x002f_
: _x003a_
; _x003b_
< _x003c_
= _x003d_
> _x003e_
? _x003f_
@ _x0040_
\ _x005c_
^ _x005e_
(backtick) _x0060_
{ _x007b_
| _x007c_
} _x007d_
~ _x007e_

I don't know how a literal "_x" is encoded, but no doubt there is a convention, such as encoding literal _x as _xx (thus a _x(x)+ decodes to _($1) )(But this is just speculation.)

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