Redis GUI - redis desktop manager

Connection dialog asks you for:

Auth (optional)

The connection string from rediscloud looked like this:


(details changed for security reasons :) )

And that gets broken apart and entered into the connection dialog like this:

Name: whatever you want
Host: everything after the @ and before the colon, i.e.
Port: 12345
Auth (optional) : everything before the @ and after the colon, i.e. dBWHDNWJHECBJEBCW

After setting up my connection successfully I still found that the app did not work for my redis store containing 120,000 records.

I instead used redsmin to connect to it, and verify that my store was still ok, if a little large.

Then I found that:


Did not work. I don't know why.



Worked fine. Yay.

Even better, I could pass in a whole array of sessions to delete.


And now that the store is down to 187 entries (instead of 120,000) redis desktop manager works very nicely.

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