Getting started with Redis (on app harbor)

redis lets you perform simple operations on a fast in-memory (and persisted) store.

It's basically a key value store, where the keys are strings, and the values can be any of five+ basic types. Links below show you the functions you can apply to each type.

  1. string. (Can be anything, redis don't care) (if it's an integer, it can be incremented (atomically) tho!)
  2. lists (queues, you can push and pop... actually you can left pop, right pop, left push, right push!)
  3. sets (unordered sets) you can add members, union sets
  4. zsets (an ordered set) Each member has a score. the set is sorted by the score.
  5. hashes (maps between string fields and string values)
  6. Hyperloglog uhhh....
  7. Coming soon.

All types are accessed by keys. Keys are strings.

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