The idea generator, Ken Hudson

You look at the problem p1 through a lens l1 ... all your ideas are going to be similar.

Try a different lens l2 for looking at the same p1

Or try looking at a different problem p2

Different lens is also called a different mindset.

Some would call it reframing.

Having a single l1 p1 leads to a feeling of being STUCK. This is psychologically damaging. Destructive.

List of Tools for generating ideas (solutions to problems)

What different lenses can you use? The thinking hats 🎩 is a more specific version of this technique. Can I vent whatever lenses I want. Eg how would a tester see this problem? How would a conman think about it? It's also known as reframing isn't it.

Pick a letter of the alphabet and pick several types of people or profession for that letter. Eg A - astronaut 👩‍🚀 architect agent 👨‍💼 angel 👼 what sort of solution or problem description would each of those prefer?

How can we rephrase the problem in

Think in threes not twos (the pmi is an example of this) instead of plus/minus, pass fail, good bad, divide things in three ways. (Similar variant beyond binary thinking - put things along two axes that are continuous not just plus minus)

Making a problem worse can sometimes bring out a more original solution.

Note: this book is largely about divergent thinking practices. And other books I've been focused on are about convergent thinking practices. Your ability to switch between divergent and convergent thinking styles is critical if you conceive and deliver entire projects and or work on a project at all stages.

A product or presentation or sales pitch must have three types of appeal:

Emotional (they must love it with their heart, be reassured that support and quality won't disappoint ) Logical (they must be rationally persuaded, price trading terms) Imaginative (inspiring, interesting, engaging, surprising, entertaining)

Book 2 - Idea accelerator

Thinking quickly compressed time more thoughts more results.

Speed thinking tool kit

Fast thinking improves mood

Stops inner critic from getting a say.