Made to Stick by Chip and Dan Heath

  1. Simple (core) (simple and profound, proverb like) the commanders intent. The lede. Compact.
  2. Unexpected- surprising interesting violate expectation counter-intuitive make people curios
  3. Concreteness - not abstract, specific, may use concrete metaphors/examples
  4. Credible - can test for yourself, backed with guarantees, authority
  5. Emotions - people must care. An individual over a statistic. Many emotions to choose from: fear resentment compassion disgust
  6. Stories.

2 step plan.

Step 1: find the core. Step 2: Translate the core using the success checklist.


Illustrate the core by saying how it beats adjacent priorities. Eg if you've found the best chicken salad in the world I don't care about it if it interferes with our need to be the best low cost airline.