Side Hustle - Chris Guillebeau

Everyone should/can have a side hustle. Gives you more security (i'd add confidence and economic common sense)

Keep your day job.

There's no rules: Product or service, scalable or not. No cost or low cost.

A good idea must be:Feasible profitable and persuasive.

Hustle is Service or product

Product is tangible or intangible

Starter ideas versus NLIs: Next Level Ideas: NLIs are ones that are scalable beyond your normal labor and or where the customers/goods are replenished

Five qualities to measure when ranking and comparing ideas:

  1. Feasible (possible to even do it, low cost)
  2. Profit potential (clear path to profit)
  3. Persuasive (are people compelled)
  4. Efficiency (can it be done quickly)
  5. Motivated (how interested are you)

Idea checklist

  1. can you describe in one sentence
  2. is there an obvious way to make money?
  3. Does it solve a problem for someone?
  4. Can you make it happen quickly?
  5. Low maintenance?
  6. Can you get paid more than once?

Homeschooling related side hustle ideas?

An offer has promise pitch and price.

Good SEO article title: "Answered: can I watch Netflix on a cruise?"

Your customers want to be sold to.

Create a Facebook page before you launch the website. It's so easy! And creates momentum for you. Keeps you motivated.

Use words like Now Immediately and Today right away and so on to encourage immediacy. (In your call to action copy)

"Frame your first dollar"

"Set it and forget it" is another name for zero touch sales or passive income

Onboarding flow emails:

Number 1: welcome

Number 2 most important elements

3 days later : advance features

1 week later: just checking in. Everything ok for you?

Bill Gates: "Headlines are misleading. Bad news is a headline but gradual improvement is not."