Turtle logo in Python

Err... this was almost too easy.

From powershell I typed:


I was then in an interactive python console.

Then I just typed:

from turtle import *

Then I tried:

fd 100

But received...

  File "<stdin>", line 1
    fd 100
SyntaxError: invalid syntax

So I tried:

fd (100)

And a graphics window appeared, titled "Python Turtle Graphics" with a "Tk" logo.

And on that window, a little turtle (represented by an arrow, in the center of the screen) moved forward 100 pixels.

I used the Windows+Arrows keys to resize powershell and "Python Turtle Graphics" so they each took up half the screen. And I was away!

Backing up a little... I could've gone like this:

import turtle

Then to call the fd function for example...


With my C# brain, I guess that from turtle import * means, grab all the public static methods of the turtle class and make them first-class functions that no longer need to be qualified. So 'turtle.fd' can be written as just 'fd'.