Solved: How to paste into PPMP when using a Mac


In MacOS, when using PPMP Cloud edition, you can paste by using cmd + v -- but here's the trick: you must use your right cmd button.

Copy Paste with PPMP on a Mac

PPMP is "Physiotherapy Practice Management Program". The Cloud edition uses an 'in-browser' virtual machine technology call "" (terminal services plus) to present a virtual machine in a browser.

Here is their guide to doing copy/paste from Mac:

  1. To paste clipboard text data to session use Ctrl + V, this works mostly on all browsers, on Mac browsers Ctrl button has no effect, there you must use it with Right_CMD + V (left_cmd button not accepted!)

...So on Mac browsers:

Use the right "cmd" button, plus "v", to paste.

ClipBoard tool

One other thing I found -- and maybe others have seen this -- is that there's a few tools that you can get to by clicking the little arrow in the middle of the screen at the top.

ppmp arrow at top of screen

When you click that "down" arrow -- it reveals a menu with 6 icons.

ppmp arrow at top of screen shows 6 tools

If you click the third one, "ClipBoard" -- it brings up a funny little applet for doing some clipboard and keyboard operations.

ppmp clipBoard tool

Also -- if your keyboard won't insert some particular keystroke into the PPMP virtual desktop browser -- then the dropdown list in this applet can be used to send those key strokes.

ppmp clipBoard tool: dropdown list of keys