How to determine password complexity rules (from powershell)

If you receive an error such as:

Set-ADAccountPassword : The password does not meet the length, complexity, or history requirement of the domain.

(When using Set-ADAccountPassword to set your password with powershell -- then you can check the complexity rules with:


It gives results like this:

> Get-ADDefaultDomainPasswordPolicy

ComplexityEnabled           : True
DistinguishedName           : DC=YourDomain,DC=com
LockoutDuration             : 00:00:00
LockoutObservationWindow    : 69.10:39:00
LockoutThreshold            : 5
MaxPasswordAge              : 35.00:00:00
MinPasswordAge              : 2.00:00:00
MinPasswordLength           : 14
objectClass                 : {domainDNS}
objectGuid                  : 3494e3c6-85cf-2809-9583-b6aa64e1afd3
PasswordHistoryCount        : 14
ReversibleEncryptionEnabled : False

...I think in my case the 'MinPasswordAge' might be what's tripping me up... I'm trying to change a password that is 0 days old.

MinPasswordAge: Specifies the minimum length of time before you can change a password.


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