Want to prompt user for credentials and then run a script on a remote machine?

Assuming the Remote Computer Name is stored in a variable $remoteComputerName

$credentials = Get-Credential -Message "Provide the credentials for remote access" -UserName $env:username
$TargetServer = "YourServer"
$remoteSession = New-PSSession -ComputerName $TargetServer = "YourServer" -Credential $credentials

Invoke-Command -ComputerName $remoteComputerName -ScriptBlock {
# Commands in here are remote executed, hence relative to $remoteComputerName
# Note that if referring to a variable from outside this block, preface it with 'using'
# e.g. '$using:TargetServer' has a value of 'YourServer'
#    ...whereas '$TargetServer' without the `using:` is blank, as its an unused variable local to this block.
} -credential $name

Furthermore, note that if you embed a $using: in a double-quoted string (" "), they need to be embedded in a $( ), like this:


...and your chances of forgetting some nuance of remoting is always 100%.

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