Get-Member is awesome

you use it to work out the properties (and methods and more) of an object


alias | get-member

Name                MemberType     Definition
----                ----------     ----------
Equals              Method         bool Equals(System.Object obj)
GetHashCode         Method         int GetHashCode()
GetType             Method         type GetType()
PSProvider          NoteProperty   ProviderInfo PSProvider=Microsoft.PowerShell.Core\Alias
CommandType         Property       System.Management.Automation.CommandTypes CommandType {get;}
Definition          Property       string Definition {get;}
DisplayName         ScriptProperty System.Object DisplayName {get=if ($this.Name.IndexOf('-') -lt 0)..


Sometimes I think you use get-member like this:

alias | % {get-member $_ }

BUT NO -- that's not needed and it doesn't work.