Find text (from powershell)

Use Select-String (alias sls) and -Pattern (patt)

sls *.md -patt "hack:"

Need to look recursively, then pipe in the locations from dir (Get-ChildItem)...

dir -Path . *.md -Recurse | sls -patt "hack:"

Need to look at multiple file types, use include:

dir -Path . -Include *.md,*.txt,*.cs,*.cshtml,*.css,*.js -Recurse | sls -patt "hack:"

Some custom formatting out of the output, example

sls *.md -patt "hack:" | ft -property FileName, Line -autosize | more

If the pattern is not a regex, and just a simple string, use "-SimpleMatch" (also useful if you want a simple match for some weird text that looks like a malformed regex, as in this example)

sls *.md -patt "](" -SimpleMatch