Create dynamic custom objects

(To define an actual class see How to make a custom class)

Say you have two variables, $name and $count -- and you want to create a custom object that contains just those two properies....

$myObject = New-Object psobject -property  @{name = $name; count = $count}

Or say you are in a pipeline, within which $name and $count become available... you want to pipe out a custom object with those two properties...

dir *.xml | % {
	$name = $_.FullPath
	$count = $_.Length
	# ^^ just for example

	New-Object psobject -property  @{name = $name; count = $count}

	# ^^ Return our custom object... for the next actor in the pipeline to deal with...

} | ConvertTo-CSV  -NoTypeInformation | out-file "Name_And_Count.csv"

Similar: PSCustomObject

	Name = $_.FullPath
	Count = $_.Length

This is newer. It's slightly less typing. It can have other improvements.

What's the difference?

both avenues will output the data as NoteProperties in the System.Management.Automation.PSCustomObject object types


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