To Set An Alias:

set-alias -name gito -value git_off

Aliases can't have parameters

in bash, an alias can include parameters. Not so in PowerShell. It's just an abbreviation.

to create an alias with parameters you're advised to create a function in your $PROFILE.


function tf() {
    tree /f

See if there's any alias for a command...

Often you know the alias and not the command.

e.g. get-alias "dir"

... teaches you that dir is an alias for get-childitem

Sometimes the opposite is true.

e.g. I wasn't sure what alias to use instead of the cumbersome push-location

get-alias -definition "push-location"

or, shorter:

get-alias -def "push-location"


gal -def push-loc*

...aha! pushd

Btw, Here's what my first, most cumbersome attempt looked like:

alias | % { if($_.definition -eq "push-location") {$_} }

This could be better written as:

alias  | ? Definition -like 'push-location'    

In bash you'd use something like

alias | grep push-location

The nearest equivalent of this is:

alias  | select-string 'push-location'

And it doesn't work. (Because the select-string works by performing a .toString on the object it receives, and to-string of this object only returns the name, not the definition.)

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