Alias: a guide to powershell and aliases

To Set An Alias

set-alias -name gito -value git_off

To Check an Alias

get-command *cls*

...produces a list of not just aliases but commands that match your pattern. (So i sometimes prefer it over get-alias though it can produce unwanted results.)

CommandType     Name
===========     ====
Alias           cls -> Clear-Host

To only find aliases for a command

Wonder what aliases exist for a command (or commands)? add the -def parameter to get-alias

get-alias -def "push-location"

Aliases can't have parameters: make tiny functions instead

in bash, an alias can include parameters. Not so in PowerShell. It's just an abbreviation.

set-alias tf "tree /f" # this doesn't work!

(bash allows that kind of thing, as does git)

To create an alias with parameters you're advised to instead create a tiny function in your $PROFILE.


function tf() {
	tree /f

Tiny_Functions are cool! But over time they don't stay tiny. They grow it into a cmdLet, then eventually they are put it into a module and they leave $env:home.

Get-Command - Which

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