How to download a custom daterange from paypal

When you want to download a custom daterange from paypal, you might think that the "reports" tab is what you're after... but you would be wrong!

What you're after is the activity tab. (currently

And hit "download" straight away (currently

(Don't even bother entering the date range before you press download because it won't be remembered by the download page)

For "format": You'll want CSV not TSV, by the way. Because Excel.

And for a financial year you'll want, for example: 1/07/2016 - 30/06/2017

You want "All transactions" (not the default of "Balance affecting")

If the transaction history is big enough then they email you when it's ready and it's available from:

Previously it was:

(Further personal notes in ~\Dropbox\secretGeek\tax\)