Treee replacement for tree

I like the tree command in windows but it has too few options to be useful.

I found an npm package called tree-cli available from

Install it with...

npm install -g tree-cli

And thereafter you will have treee available.

And you can set up an alias in your profile to use tre for example.

set-alias tre treee

tre --ignore node_modules


> treee --help

List contents of directories in tree-like format.

tree - list contents of directories in tree-like format

Tree is a recursive directory listing program that
produces a depth indented listing of files.
With no arguments, tree lists the files in the
current directory. When directory arguments are
given, tree lists all the files and/or directories
found in the given directories each in turn. Upon
completion of listing all files/directories found,
tree returns the total number of files and/or
directories listed.


	tree <options>


--help, -h
	outputs a verbose usage listing.
	outputs the version of tree-cli.
	show debug info.
	ignores directory or file you specify.
	specify a root directory. Relative path from cwd root and absolute path are both acceptable.
	prints the full path prefix for each file.
	omits printing of the file and directory report at the
	end of the tree listing and omits printing the tree on
	all files are printed. By default tree does not print
	hidden files (those beginning with a dot '.'). In no
	event does tree print the file system constructs '.'
	(current directory) and '..' (previous directory).
	list directories only.
	list directories first.
	append a '/' for directories, a '=' for socket files
	and a '|' for FIFOs
	makes tree not print the indentation lines, useful
	when used in conjunction with the -f option.
	max display depth of the directory tree.
	send output to filename.


$ tree

$ tree -l 2, -o out.txt --ignore [node_modules, test] -d --noreport