Disable automatic parens completion.

Notepad++ has this annoying built in feature where it autocompletes quotes brackets angle brackets braces parens parentheses etc.

You type " and it throws in another " right away! Stop it already!

Settings -> Preferences -> Auto-Completion

2nd grouping called "Auto-Insert", check/un-check the appropriate auto completion/inserts.



In the


...area, change auto-completion on each input to be from 5th character, not from 1st character

Note there seems to be a bug in version 7.5.7 where I can't set which character it is from.

So I could only turn off auto complete.

Instead though, I've edited the config.xml file stored here:

cd $env:APPDATA
cd Notepad++
FindText auto-compl
Notepad.exe config.xml

And changed:

<GUIConfig name="auto-completion" autoCAction="3" triggerFromNbChar="1" autoCIgnoreNumbers="no" funcParams="yes" />        


<GUIConfig name="auto-completion" autoCAction="3" triggerFromNbChar="5" autoCIgnoreNumbers="no" funcParams="yes" />


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