Node Version Manager - nvm

nvm lets you have multiple side by side versions of node on your machine, and switch between which one is used at any point in time.

Once nvm is installed:

See what versions you have

To see what versions of node you currently have:

nvm list

There will be an asterisk before the name of the version you are currently using (if any).

You can also use nvm current to see just the version of node you are currently using.

Switch to a particular version

To switch to a particular version, use nvm use from an elevated prompt e.g.

nvm use 12.13.1

You can then verify the current version with nvm list if you wish, or with nvm current.

See what versions are available to install

nvm list available

...or visit

Install a specific version of node (often an old version)

To install the specific version of node you need, use nvm install followed by the version number, e.g.

nvm install 10.22.0

That does not mean it is the current version. To switch to it, use nvm use 10.22.0 (as described above)