Getting started with neo4j on windows

As a hobbyist/dabbler -- first thing was:

Download the "Community Edition" from the download center

I got the "Neo4j 4.1.1 (zip)"

(There was a bunch of other things I could download - I ignored those for now)

They really wanted me to download "Neo4J Desktop" ...what's that?

Neo4j Desktop is a convenient way for developers to work with local Neo4j databases.

Sounds good!

While most functionality is the same, the instructions in this manual are not written for Neo4j Desktop. For example, file locations for a database installed via Neo4j Desktop will be different from those described here.

Oh, sounds bad?

Found a better guide....

...step 2 "Go ahead and run the installer" -- hmm - the download for comunity edition is a zip not an installer.

Maybe i should get the desktop edition instead then.

For that I had to give them my "business" email -- I thought they would reject gmail, but they did not.

They did give me a giant neo4j activation key, 704 bytes of random junk.

Okay -- so now I have...


Installing to here:

C:\Users\MyUser\AppData\Local\Programs\Neo4j Desktop

Some firewall stuff had to be investigated....

Now setting a path where I "want" to store application data, going with the default


Now I got to paste in the huge key, the 704 bytes of random junk I received earlier.

OKay -- now I get to play, it's interesting already.

I need to store something in csv that is interesting (to me at least)

and then load it up in the graph database.

-- a goal here is to get to a point where I'm playing with cypher - the neo4j query language

(a fun idea would be to export my genealogical data et al from boothby as csv into neo4j desktop and explore that;


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