There are only 4 types of basslines

I found this video interesting....

"The Only 4 TYPES Of Bass Lines You'll Ever Need To Create"

Type 1 monorhythmic chord followers

  • One consistent rhythm through out (1/4 note or 8th note) follows the chords, just plays the root.
  • Good for "driving" the band.
  • Can be done in a "bouncy" way too.
  • Can be hypnotic for lower energy songs.

Type 2 - drum rhythm chord followers

  • Rhythm follows the drums (particularly the bass) ... the notes chosen still follow the root of the chords.

Type 3 - mimic

  • Synchronise with the lead instrument - e.g. play the same riff as the guitar or same riff as piano works for reinforcing and filling out a killer riff, giving a fatter sound.
  • Works best when there is a killer riff.

Type 4 - bass solo

Bass does its own thing. Think flea, les claypool. Bass players whos work stands apart from the rest of the song.

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