Branching with Mercurial

I've got a detailed tutorial on branching with mercurial but here's just the cheatsheet for branching with mercurial:

Command Comment
hg branch Check which branch you're working on
hg branch WEAPONISE_SPACE Create a branch
hg push -b . --new-branch Push only the current branch (which happens to be new
hg push -b . Push only the current branch
hg heads See if there are any open "heads" (e.g. open branches)
hg pull -b . --rebase Pull just the current branch
hg pull -b WEAPONISE_SPACE --rebase Pull only the contents of a named branch (and merge any local commits you've already made)
hg up WEAPONISE_SPACE Switch to a named branch. So this will update the current working folder to contain the work from the named branch.
hg commit -Am "committing here!" Commit to the current branch, while addremoving files
hg commit -m 'Finished Weaponising Space!' --close-branch Close the current branch (good hygiene)
hg up default Update so that the current branch is now the default branch
hg merge WEAPONISE_SPACE Merge a named branch into the current branch