Spaced Repetition software

on iOS I use an app called "CleverDeck"

I've even put sight-words and dolce-words in there for my youngest child to learn from (she's learning to read)

Another child has a copy of clever deck she used for finally solidifying her knowledge of the "times tables" she couldn't quite get clear in her mind. 78, 1112, and a few like that.

With clever deck you can quickly add your own cards.

A single fact may be best represented by more than 3 cards:

  • word ↷ definition
  • definition ↷ word
  • example with word missing ↷ example with word filled in. (note: this is called cloze deletion)

Topics to gather

  • Basic strategy for 21
  • Birthdays of people I know
  • Children's (and pet's) names of friends
  • Bash commands
  • Ubuntu paths
  • Guitar chords
  • Guitar scales
  • git commands
  • interesting words
  • words I commonly misspell
  • Mental Models"

(See cheatsheets)

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