Reboot linux


sudo reboot


When sshing onto my fave droplet (at digital ocean)...

27 packages can be updated.
14 updates are security updates.

*** System restart required ***

SOME people say...

sudo shutdown -r now

That ^^ is allegedly the preferred method, over the more obvious:

sudo reboot

Many Unix systems have reboot perform an instant reboot — no syncing, no umounting, nothing. It's just like hitting the reset button

Though someone counters with....

Judging from the manual pages of both reboot and shutdown, it looks like shutdown provides a bit more lower-level functionality, and reboot is a higher-level tool that uses shutdown.

So I use:

sudo reboot

After a reboot I found I had to restart some of my systems.

To restart supervisor manually I previously needed to use:

service supervisor start

But I now have my machines configured to restart the supervisor service automatically as described in cron


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