How to edit a file in linux

Simplest way to get started is to use nano. It's included in many distros including ubuntu.

$ nano filename

nano is a clone of pico. pico also seems to be included.

It's pretty intuitive. It all happens in the console. There is a list of commands at the foot of the terminal, so the barrier to entry is low.

Keys Purpose
Ctrl O Write out... i.e. SAVE.
Ctrl W Where is... i.e. find text
Ctrl X Exit... It warns you if you try to exit without saving.

Now vim is also available. It's far more powerful, but with a learning curve.

It will never ever go away as long as you live. So any effort spent moving up that learning curve will continue to be of value forever.

(Early in the Foundation Series of novels by Isaac Asimov, the character Hari Seldon uses a special calculator to prove that the Galactic Empire will collapse. The conclusion is inescapable and the intelligent people begin to prepare for it. Others don't.

I'm like that, but with vim. Any simple analysis of how the future will play out proves that it is worth learning vim. It is a shocking and inescapable realization. I should begin to prepare for it.)