Get (or list) processes

The ps command lists processes.

In order to restart an core process I first need to work out which process I am interested in. For this I use:

$ ps aux | grep dot
user1    17204  2.9 22.6 7135168 113072 ?      SLl  07:17   0:06 /usr/bin/dotnet /opt/webapps/
user1    17233  4.1 26.4 7136456 132108 ?      SLl  07:17   0:07 /usr/bin/dotnet /opt/webapps/

Then i can kill the one i want to kill... for example 17233

sudo kill 17233

Or, with less typing...

ps x | grep dot

Here's a quick guide...

ps aux


a means "all with tty, including other users" u means "user-oriented format" x means "processes without controlling ttys"

To learn these things about the ps command I used these help commands...

ps --help
ps --help simple
ps --help output