Connect Linqpad to Oracle

...using an IQ Connection.

Step 1, Add connection

Click add connection

Step 2, click view more drivers

Click view more drivers

Step 3, Find "IQ Driver - for MySQL, SQLite, Oracle"

Find IQ Driver

click "Download & Enable Driver"

Now when you choose "Add Connection" you'll forever see "IQ" listed.

Add connection shows IQ

Pick Next.

Choose Direct (Oracle Client not Required)

(it has these limitations:

Now here are the tricks....

Given this connection string

"Data; User Id=UserUser; Password=PassPass;"

On the dialog, you would set:

Server =
User = UserUser
password = PassPass

Give it a friendly name

Then on the 'Advanced' tab Set:

Port = 1234

And in addition connection string options, type:

Service Name=DS128x

Note the space between Service and Name

Optionallly, you can set a default schema, if you know a schema that you're most interested in. (It's not mentioned in the example connection string above. Setting one will allow you to browse the schema details: list of tables, views, columns, etc.)

Hit test to test. And Bob's your Uncle.

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