Customize Dump Style and Colors in Linqpad using MyExtensions

Make true bools green, false bools red, and some other things blue.

static object ToDump(object input)
	if (input is bool && (bool)input) return Util.WithStyle(input, "color:green");
	if (input is bool && !(bool)input) return Util.WithStyle(input, "color:red");
	return Util.WithStyle(input, "color:blue");

? WHy doesn't this make string render blue? string doesn't pass through here it seems.

void Main()
	"string".Dump(); //string, white <-- WHY!?
	true.Dump();  //True, green
	false.Dump(); //False, red
	false.Dump(true); //False, red
	false.Dump(false); //False, red
	false.Dump("Text"); //False, red, text dark orange (in dark theme)

// Define other methods and classes here