The Internet Archive Download Tool

I don't know where else to write about this... the internet archive has a nifty download tool

Read more here:

$ chmod +x ia
$ ./ia help
A command line interface to

        ia [--help | --version]
        ia [--config-file FILE] [--log | --debug] [--insecure] <command> [<args>]...

        -h, --help
        -v, --version
        -c, --config-file FILE  Use FILE as config file.
        -l, --log               Turn on logging [default: False].
        -d, --debug             Turn on verbose logging [default: False].
        -i, --insecure          Use HTTP for all requests instead of HTTPS [default: false]

        help      Retrieve help for subcommands.
        configure Configure `ia`.
        metadata  Retrieve and modify metadata for items on
        upload    Upload items to
        download  Download files from
        delete    Delete files from
        search    Search
        tasks     Retrieve information about your catalog tasks.
        list      List files in a given item.

See 'ia help <command>' for more information on a specific command.

Info about downloading

But see also this twitter thread from Jason Scott:


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